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Crunchy Conservatism

For weeks now I have been pretending to know what a "Crunchy Con" is without really having the slightest idea of what people were talking about.  I finally took the advice I give everyone else and looked it up. I … Continue reading

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23 Feb: St. Polycarp of Smyrna, martyr

To give you something of the character of St. Polycarp, when he ran into Marcion in Rome, Marcion asked Polycarp if he knew who he was. Polycarp responded: “I know you for the first-born of Satan.” Far from being a simple insult, these words were spoken in charity, to shock the man into repenting his sinful positions and actions. Continue reading

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Space station transit of moon

This is from one of my favorite sites: spaceweather.com What we see is a transit across the face of the moon by the International Space Station (ISS) .  You can see clearly the solar panels and the body of the … Continue reading

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