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21 Feb: St. Peter Damian, Bp and Doctor

“For if it should reach the common people that God is asserted to be impotent in some respect (which is a wicked thing to say), the unschooled masses would instantly be confused and the Christian faith would be upset, not without grave danger to souls.” Continue reading

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Laudator on Danish cartoons

I tip my biretta to the Laudator temporis acti over at his blog called, coincidently Laudator Temporis Acti for a great post on Danish cartoons. Continue reading

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St. Augustine: “He who sings prays twice”

“For he who sings praise, does not only praise, but also praises joyfully; he who sings praise, not only sings, but also loves Him whom he is singing about/to/for. There is a praise-filled public proclamation (praedicatio) in the praise of someone who is confessing/acknowledging (God), in the song of the lover (there is) love.” Continue reading

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7th Sunday of Ordinary Time: Super Oblata ()

The language of Latin prayers is quite different from our ordinary speech these days. One of the things you will notice right away is that it is “courtly”: the language immediately differentiates between the addressee and the speaker. The incomparable Lewis & Short Dictionary reveals that our term maiestas means “greatness, grandeur, dignity, majesty” and furthermore it is used “of the gods; also the condition of men in high station, as kings, consuls, senators, knights, etc., and, in republican states, especially frequently of the people”. One of the greatest crimes in ancient Rome was to harm or diminish the maiestas of the people, high treason: majestatem minuere or laedere… laesa maiestas. In English we use the French version, “lese-majesté”. Continue reading

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7th Sunday of Ordinary Time: Post Communion

By our baptism and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, we can be admitted to Holy Communion. It is by our baptism that we are enabled to participate at Mass with “full, conscious, and active” participation, with what I call “active receptivity”. “Active participation” reaches its perfection in a good Holy Communion. Communion, however, is never to be isolated from the rest of our lives. Continue reading

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“Take” or “Receive”? Communion in the hand

We are living in very difficult times. In wealthy countries there is a pervasive undercurrent of selfishness and self-centeredness. We live in a time when “I… me… my… mine…” permeates the common worldview. Have we come to the point also in which we as comfortable Catholics are saying, “Gimme!” in reference to the Eucharist? Of course, you say, “I now take!” need not be “Gimme!” But observe. If anything were needed today, it seems to me, is a way of underscoring even to the extent of using even dramatic physical gestures, what we believe taking/reception of the Body and Blood of the Lord really is for us. In a time when to kneel is considered lowly, then kneeling is a dramatic gesture. It is counter-cultural. It is a “sign of contradiction” in the face of “I… me… my… mine….” By kneeling my body cries out: “You…. You… Your… Your….” Continue reading

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18 Feb: Bl. Giovanni Angelico da Fiesole

Depictions of things help to illuminate our minds. A picture is, as they say, worth a thousand words. The paintings of Beato Angelico are repleat with a luminuous radiance which help to illustrate for us the mysteries they depict. Thus, they illumine also our hearts and minds, given us a grasp of something that words fail to offer. Music and painting are similar in this respect: physical things (the medium of paint and surface, the sound waves and harmonics) bring a different part of our power to apprehend to bear on the object, the affective together with the intellective. So, in his holiness of life, Beato Angelico became God’s canvass, upon which He drew (and drew forth) His virtues, His beauty, so that it could radiate into the hearts and minds of those around him. By his intercession, we ask that God will do the same for us. Continue reading

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17 Feb: USA Curling woes

consider this: if we can lose a curling match because of lack of respect for the tiniest particle that may have escaped our attention, how much MORE can we lose by not paying proper attention to even the tiniest particles of the Blessed Sacrament?? Each and everyday fragments of Hosts, whole Hosts themselves, are subjected to sacrilege because of inattentive distribution of Communion or, as is more likely, inattentive or careless reception of the Eucharistic Lord. Continue reading

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17 Feb: 7 Founders of the Servites

Kindly pour into us, O Lord,
the dutiful love of the blessed brethren,
by which they most devotedly venerated the Mother of God
and they guided to You Your people. Continue reading

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16 Feb: CURLING so far…

The men of my native land lost to my adoptive land. I am not sure what to think about this, since Italy really doesn’t have much business winning at Curling. It just goes to show how Italians can, as they always have, adopt things and make them better. Continue reading

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Latin Google

Google searches in Latin… even though I am mad at Google for caving into the ChiComs.

I must tip my biretta to Sympotica graecolatina for this. o{]:¬) Continue reading

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15 Feb: St. Onesimus

In the Martyrologium Romanum on this day we find that this is the commemoration of St. Onesimus: 1. Commemoratio beati Onesimi, quem sanctus Paulus Apostolus servum fugitivium excepit et in vinculis utpote Christi in fide filium genuit, sicut ipse domino … Continue reading

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14 Feb: Sts. Cyril and Methodius – Co-Patrons of Europe

COLLECT:Deus, qui per beatos fratres Cyrillum et MethodiumSlavoniae gentes illuminasti,da cordibus nostris tuae doctrinae verba percipere,nosque perfice populumin vera fide et recta confessione concordem. LITERAL TRANSLATION:O God, who through the blessed brothers Cyril and Methodiusbrought light to the peoples of … Continue reading

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The Curling coverage is fabulous. All the players are miked. Also, you can hear the sound of the sweeping around the stones as they curl down the sheet of ice. Oh the strategy! Oh the suspence! There is a great deal of shouting and hollering. There are even some very spiffy cheerleaders for the American team. They haven’t shown them yet, alas. Continue reading

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Vice President Accidentally Shoots Hunting Buddy

Vice President Richard Cheney <a href="">accidentally shot Harry Whittington</a>, a millionaire Texan, while the two were on a quail hunting trop this past weekend. Mr. Whittington is in stable condition, and recovering well, after getting peppered with the shotgun fire. … Continue reading

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