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“Embarassing the angels”

Peggy Noonan has a very good piece on The Wall Street Journal’s very own OpinionJournal.com.  It can serve as a point for your lenten reflection on your own perception and interaction with the world around you.  Quote: "Lent began yesterday, … Continue reading

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Thursday after Ash Wednesday

The highest form of active participation is the reception of Holy Communion in the state of grace following a willed, active receptivity to what has been carried out in the sacred action of the Mass. Christ is the ACTOR par excellence in the Mass. In the actions of the priest, Christ is acting as the Head of the Body. In the actions and receptivity of the congregation, Christ is in action as the Body, responding to and being directed by the Head. Both together form Christ, Christus Totus, raising sacrifice on high to the Father. Our participation then must be first and foremost active receptivity so that we have what is good to give back to God. Continue reading

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