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9 March: S. Francesca Romana

Today is the feast of one of my favorite saints, St. Frances of Rome (+1440).  She married into the Ponziani family, whose medieval palazzo is still in Trastevere.  When I moved to Rome many years ago I first lived there … Continue reading

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A bishop’s antidote to the cancer of the cantor

“For this reason I would caution that this gradual, but definite, reintroduction of Gregorian chant into our parishes and communities be done with careful study, deliberate consultation and much prayer. However, as a sign of the seriousness with which I approach this topic, I am asking that pastors move with some dispatch to introduce their congregations to the simpler chants of the Kyriale, including the Gloria, Sanctus, Pater Noster and the Agnus Dei.” Continue reading

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Thursday in the 1st Week of Lent

One of the meanings of secundum found in the prestigious Lewis & Short Dictionary is “agreeably to, in accordance with, according to”. Remember that largire is an imperative of a deponent verb, not an infinitive. The famous verb cogito is more than simply “to think”. It reflects deeper reflection, true pursuit in the mind: “to consider thoroughly, to ponder, to weigh, reflect upon, think”. Continue reading

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