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My View: March sunset

A March sunset as seen from my window over Rome. Continue reading

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I am sometimes a little taken aback by what I see out my window.  Is God trying to get my attention through signs in the heavens?  Ancient Roman priests (a group to which many people believe I belong) used to … Continue reading

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Sand in your holy water stoup

I saw on one blog a post about the dopey practice of removing holy water from stoups during Lent.  I have gotten questions about this in the ASK FATHER Question Box, which I also run.  Here is an except of … Continue reading

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Monday in the 2nd Week of Lent

Today’s prayer introduces the concept of healing in medela. Also we have command vocabulary in praecepisti and mandata. The mandata refer more than likely to the two-fold command of love of God and neighbor, which must lead us to forgiveness of our neighbor when we are wronged and also spiritual and corporal works of mercy. Remember that a meaning of pietas is “dutifulness”. This ties together with the command vocabulary. At the same time we gain from pietas God’s manifold mercies, which is is faithful in giving when we ask for them. In an Augustinian sense, we could render pietas as “knowledge and love of the true God”. Continue reading

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