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A convert’s reaction to a conversion story

As a convert to the Catholic Church I am interested in hearing and reading about the conversion experiences of others.  Pontifications, to which I tip my biretta, alerted me to one posted on Argent by the Tiber about the writer’s … Continue reading

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Archbishop Marini and the Strawman

Not every celebration of the new Mass is bad, though many are. Not every celebration of the older Mass is perfect, … indeed few are. However, there are fewer differences between them, when celebrated according to the books and with a traditional style in mind, than there are differences between, say, St. Ipsidipsi and St. Idealia just down the street in your town. You can go from church to church in some places and see Masses so different you would think they were all representative of different religions. And this doesn’t even bring into the discussion the fact that Ukrainian Catholics and Maronite Catholics are celebrating in their own particular Rites. Are they somehow less Catholic than Latins just because one group prays one way and another group prays in another? Piffle. Continue reading

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UPDATE: INTERNET PRAYER – Maltese and Dutch!

Folks, a couple friends came through with version of the famous Internet Prayer in both Dutch and Maltese!  Kindly say a prayer for each of the them.  If you can contribute to the collection, please do!  Any language missing from … Continue reading

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Tuesday of the 3rd Week of Lent

As we think about this prayer, remember that originally it was recited by the priest after Communion, rather than at the beginning of Mass. So, we are praying herewith that the graces and effects of the Communion just received would endure. Fairly soon after this prayer we receive the final blessing, wait for the last Gospel and (for a few decades at least) the Leonine prayers after Mass. Then after a quiet moment of thanksgiving out of church we would go to our work, whatever that might be. Continue reading

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