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The webcam is back up today, after long haitus.  The weather has been awful for a long time.

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Here, WDTPRSers, is the Collect from the public consistory held on 24 March during which Pope Benedict XVI created new cardinals.  How about you all taking a crack at it before I do?  Post your versions and comments.   (My … Continue reading

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Lampoon blogs

I tip my biretta  o{]:¬)   to Mark Shea and his fine blog for the following.  In a good natured way he pointed out a blog which parodies his own.  Also, he links to a very funny lampoon blog called Lispers … Continue reading

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Saturday in the 3rd Week of Lent

COLLECTObservationis huius annua celebritate laetantes,quaesumus, Domine,ut, paschalibus sacramentis inhaerentes,plenis eorum effectibus gaudeamus.Today we have a nice parallel of the forms laetantes and inhaerentes and also of paschalibus sacramentis and plenis effectibus. This was in the Gelasianum Vetus on Saturday of … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI on “active receptivity”

WDTPRS has been sustaining for years now that "active participation" really means "active receptivity".  For the most part clerics and liturgists misunderstand this term.  I have argued this from documents and from semantic/philological grounds. Today during the Holy Father’s sermon … Continue reading

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