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Here is another update for the Internet prayer!   I am pleased to present KOREAN thanks to a priest friend I live with here in Rome.  Many thanks to him for his time and effort.  Say a prayer for him.  Feel … Continue reading

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Preview of upcoming WDTPRS article for Palm Sunday

Many of you belong to parishes where priests still won’t hear confessions on Good Friday and Holy Saturday.

Some priests, liturgical experts and even diocesan liturgy offices claim the rubrics of the Missal or “Sacramentary” forbid the sacrament of Penance.

However, this claim is absolutely incorrect.

Here is what the texts really say. Continue reading

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Your precious comments

In an attempt to curtail some spam, I turned on a couple features in the blog which I am still trying to sort out.  I found a whole raft of your good comments waiting for my approval for public view. … Continue reading

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Tuesday of the 4th Week of Lent

Since we are past the half way point in Lent, there has been a shift in the prayers, I think. There is a focus on the coming Triduum now. The vocabulary today with paschale mysterium and praeconium point to the Triduum and Vigil. Praeconium makes you think right away of the great chant of the deacon called the Exsultet, or Praeconium Paschale. The Redactors chose to strip the prayer of it older content, in the replacement of “fasts” (ieiunia) with devotio. Continue reading

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