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Saturday in the 3rd Week of Lent

COLLECTObservationis huius annua celebritate laetantes,quaesumus, Domine,ut, paschalibus sacramentis inhaerentes,plenis eorum effectibus gaudeamus.Today we have a nice parallel of the forms laetantes and inhaerentes and also of paschalibus sacramentis and plenis effectibus.
This was in the Gelasianum Vetus on Saturday of … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI on “active receptivity”

WDTPRS has been sustaining for years now that "active participation" really means "active receptivity".  For the most part clerics and liturgists misunderstand this term.  I have argued this from documents and from semantic/philological grounds.
Today during the Holy Father’s sermon during … Continue reading

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“I’m, shocked, shocked to find zat ENGLISH iz spoken here!”

This just in…
Chirac ‘shocked’ by use of English at summitUpset French leader bolts EU meeting after Frenchmen switches languagesBRUSSELS, Belgium – President Jacques Chirac said on Friday he had been so shocked to hear a fellow Frenchman speak English at … Continue reading

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There was some biretta confusion this morning.  Birettas are to be worn with the center point to the right, so that you can grasp it with the right hand and move the thing.  Birettas are always handled with the right … Continue reading

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PCR flag not PC in St. Peter’s Square

This is an amazing photo.  The flag of the People’s Republic of China in the Square of St. Peter.  I note with satisfaction the similarity of color to that of the cardinalatial habit, symbolizing the williness to shed blood for … Continue reading

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Explication of Expletives

During the Public Consistory, His Holiness spoke a homily in Italian.  The official text released by the Holy See has this following paragraph.
La Parola di Dio, che poc’anzi è stata proclamata, ci porta indietro nel tempo. Con l’evangelista Marco siamo … Continue reading

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Title Town

His Holiness focused in his homily today on the title, "dear to St. Gregory the Great": Servus servorum Dei…. Servant of the servants of God.
This is illuminating in light of the fact that Benedict has dropped another title, that the … Continue reading

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Friday in the 3rd Week of Lent

All good things come from God. When we make the choice to grasp hold of those things, God makes our hands strong enough for the grasping. Together we bring to completion those things He began. So, God crowns His own works in us, so that they are simultaneously His and ours. Continue reading

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Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog,

Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog, Ei-I-Ei-I-OOOO!  OR, I guess, it should really be EUOUAE

I tip my biretta to Argent by the Tiber   o{]:¬)    for the heads up about a fun new blog redolent of Geoffrey Chaucer called Geoffrey Chaucer Hath … Continue reading

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A vexing tax on paxilluli

And you can’t even get a cheap drink to dull the pain….
BEIJING, China (Reuters) — China will slap a tax on chopsticks and a range of goods ranging from yachts to petrol in a bid to save trees and protect … Continue reading

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