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The Tridentine Signs of the Times

Before an earthquake or volcanic eruption, seismographs pick up tremors.  Even in Jurassic Park you do your best to watch for shock tremors in puddles, right? Call them “signs of the times”, if you will. 
For some weeks … Continue reading

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Monday in Holy Week

By this point in Lent, however, I am sure we have all been doing penance and, while it may be somewhat habitual now after all these days, we still are looking forward with great anticipation to the joy, and relief, of Easter.

In the meantime, do not forget (like The Redactors of the Novus Ordo perhaps did) that the Devil is real. The might of his powers and those of his fallen lot are angelic and by far surpass our own. They hate you and want to see you damned to an eternity of suffering and despair in flames and lonely torment of hell. Continue reading

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