Daily Archives: 24 April 2006

I am pretty sure sure this is NOT what Catullus had in mind…

I know these kids at Notre Dame like their Compendium, but… sheesh! I hope they don’t try to adjust some of the other stuff by Catullus. Continue reading

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What is meant by “abrogate”?

In earlier entries I offered that the Pope might simply make a statement about the older form of Mass not ever having been "abrogated".  I got some mail on that asking me what "abrogate" means, and what it means here.  … Continue reading

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A prayer for liturgical translators

Some time ago, I put out an invitation for you to compose a prayer for translators working on the new English version of the Missale Romanum.  I finally took the bull by the horns and wrote one.  Transatlantic flights are … Continue reading

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