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500th Anniversary of first stone of St. Peter’s Basilica

At the Regina caeli of Easter Sunday His Holiness spoke about the 500th anniversary of the placing of the first stone of the Basilica of St. Peter by Pope Julius II. I have a pretty fabulous view of the Basilica from my window in Roma. However, since I don’t get back to Rome until next Sunday, here is a photo from my files. I shot this back on 4 October 2005. Continue reading

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To belong, or not to belong?

I tip my biretta  o{]:¬)   to In The Light Of The Law for the very interesting news that the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts has made a far more narrow distinction about what it takes to leave the Church "by … Continue reading

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The Tridentine clock is ticking

Now that Holy Week and Easter have concluded, and we are into the great Octave of Easter, the real waiting will begin.  Did His Holiness intend to "free up" the older, "Tridentine" form of Mass or not?  A comment made … Continue reading

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Holy Week revisited

Alas in my plentiful lack of free time during Holy Week, I was not able to post any of the fine photos made available to be by the kindness of a parishoner, of the ceremonies at St. Agnes Church in … Continue reading

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An Easter sermon

An Easter sermon Continue reading

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Vigil of Easter

Concerning the title of lay people who help the priest and deacons distribute, I could write reams of material. Suffice to say that the proper term is “Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion”. The bishop, priest and deacon are the only “Ministers of the Eucharist”. Lay people are never “Ministers of the Eucharist”, but they can be, in case of genuine necessity, a great help in distribution of Communion, either in church or to the homebound, and so forth. It is helpful to review what the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments wrote in its document Redemptionis Sacramentum about the participation of lay people involving the Eucharist (my emphasis):…
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In our prayer today we recognize the “renewal” that we as a Church have experienced. Like grains of wheat we fell and died during Lent. We rise now to life and bear fruit. Just as we prune flowering bushes and certain trees and they then burst into even more abundant blossoms and fruit, we too are pruned back in Lent. And not only in Lent, but constantly during the year. Each Friday is a little Lent when we are all required by law to do penance. Each Sunday is a little Easter when we rise to new life. Each week is a chance for us to bear great fruit because of the ongoing cycle of dying and rising.
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Easter Sunday: SUPER OBLATA (1)

The Church is being forced into a new kind of fast through the scandals caused by wicked clergy. It is bad enough that the people of God have been cheated of their heritage for decades through a poor or even maliciously false implementation of the liturgical reforms mandated by the Second Vatican Council. It is bad enough that catechetics have been neglected or subverted. It is bad enough that seminaries were hijacked by ideologically driven dissenters. Now we are being brought as a Church to pay for the sins of bishops and priests who commit the abomination of sexual abuse of children and minors. While I loathe the way the media exaggerates the charges and inflates the numbers of men involved, I cannot help but be grateful in a reserved way. Jackals clean the land of rotting flesh, after all. They cull the sick of the herd. I think that we have at last now the chance to clean our house with a real spring cleaning. Just as Lent (which means “spring”) is our spiritual preparation through penance and mortifications and Easter is our Resurrection, so too as a Church we must now go into the desert and fast and suffer and pray. The enemy of the soul will tear at us, tempting us to vainglory, pride, desire for material comfort. Continue reading

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Here is my rendering of the 1970 Missale Romanum version of the Exultet. Alas, there is no space to give you the Latin also. The Exultet is also called the Praeconium Paschale. Paschale is an adjective of a Latinized Hebrew word pascha, for the Passover meal of the lamb. The sure and certain Lewis & Short Dictionary says the adjective praeconius, -a, -um is “of or belonging to a praeco or public crier” while the substantive praeconium is “a crying out in public; a proclaiming, spreading abroad, publishing.” In a Christian context this of course also infers the Good News! A praeconium is simultaneously a profession of faith and a call to faith extended to all who hear. Continue reading

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The washing of feet: approved in the USA?

Some folks are offering that the USCCB approved the washing of the feet of women for the USA. Nope. The USCCB website provides this: Regarding the phrase viri selecti, the Chairman of the Bishops Committee on the Liturgy, after a … Continue reading

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Good Friday

ORATIOReminiscere miserationum tuarum, Domine,et famulos tuos aeterna protectione sanctifica,pro quibus Christus, Filius tuus,per suum cruorem instituit paschale mysterium. The rich and enlightening Lewis & Short Dictionary shows that cruor has a precise meaning: "Blood (which flows from a wound), a … Continue reading

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What Does The Washing of Feet Really Say?

Each year there is recurring set of abuses of the people of God that take place during the Sacred Triduum.

First there is vile abuse of the people through illicit “general absolution”. That will need its own treatment. Second there is the silliness surrounding washing the feet of women during the Mass of Holy Thursday.

Finally tired of the blather about how “sexist” it is to wash only the feet of men, or how “meaningful” it is to wash the feet of females of any age, I figured it was time to give my explanation.

People get pretty emotional about this topic. Any priest who decides actually to obey the Church’s laws finds that he is being fried on the third rail. I know a few priests who have exercised their option not to have the rite at all because some angry women were carping at him about not being treated equally and there was no reasoning with them, no explanations possible.

However, it may also be possible that they really were not able to explain it clearly: they know the truth about this rite, but sometimes in the life of a busy pastor having a sense of something isn’t the same as theological clarity. They wind up unable to put thoughts into clear words.

Here is my explanation. Keep in mind I fully believe that just stating the law of the Church ought to be enough. Continue reading

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Holy Thursday or “Maundy” Thursday

The term “Maunday” or “Maundy” Thursday refers to Christ’s mandate (mandatum) in John 13:34 to His apostles in the service of the Church.  It is also called sometimes “Shere” Thursday, perhaps from “shere” indicating “tolerance” and “remedy”, in the sense … Continue reading

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New news on the Tridentine front

On the site of Archivum Liturgicum we read: 12 Aprile 2006La Liturgia romana non e’ mai stata abolitaDiverse fonti confermano che domani, Giovedi’ Santo, dovrebbe uscire un importante documento del Papa avente come argomento la validita’ attuale della Liturgia tridentina. … Continue reading

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Lampoon Lost

It looks like Lispers is lost to us. Perhaps the author thinks that his satirical project fulfilled its purpose. Continue reading

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