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Feast of St. Isaiah, prophet

Today is the feast of St. Isaiah.  Yes, that is Isaiah the Prophet.  Many of you might not know that great figures of the Old Testament are considered saints by the Church, though they are not remembered at the altar … Continue reading

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Oratio pro interpretibus

Here is a second version.

Oratio pro interpretibus

Omnipotens et misericors Deus,
qui super Unigeniti Filii tui Ecclesiam
Sanctum Spiritum abundanter misisti,
tribue, quaesumus, inspirationem et fortitudinem
laborantibus magno cum studio
in preces eiusdem sanctae Ecclesiae Latinas
in omnium gentium sermones convertendo,
ut nos, superbia dissociati vetusta,
et orationes offere tibi valeamus decore
et unanimiter a te accipere salutifera.
Per Christum Dominum nostrum. Continue reading

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Eurabia in Brussels

A friend sent me this alarming article from the Brussels Journal.  Allah Takes Over Catholic Church.  Belgian bishops are allowing muslim illegal immigrants to squat in Catholic churches. 
There are incredible photos. 

There are links to other articles as … Continue reading

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