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15 May: The Z-Cam – St. Agnes

Right now (as of 1540 Rome time and 0840 EDT) I have the Z-Cam on.  It is pointed at the Church of St. Agnes "in agone", on the P.za Navona as I write.  Given the kerfuffle about St. Agnes these … Continue reading

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Morto un papa, se ne fa un altro

I am still receiving many messages from people upset about the doings at St. Agnes in St. Paul.  People are worried about the changes.  Some are afraid St. Agnes will fall apart.  Really afraid.  Others are angry about Fr. Altier. Really … Continue reading

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Friendly competition

Over at open book, Amy wrote a piece on my friend of many years and onetime companion of (my American) seminary Fr. Altier.  I want to have a little fun with something she wrote, "…the parish of St. Agnes in … Continue reading

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Benedictus XVI Pont. Max. latine locutus est

On Sunday, as I mentioned elsewhere, the Pope spoke a brief message in Latin to a group of students who had made a trip to Rome. I transcribed what he said. Here is the text and a short audio clip.

Laetamur Collegii Corderii discipulos magistrumque Romam advenisse. Quos salutare volumus, eiusdem simul adhortantes ut per Latinum sermonem, pristinae sapientiae thesauros, copiose attingant.

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Monday of the 5th Week of Easter

We love and desire God’s will in the concrete situation, this concrete task. A challenge of living as a good Christian in “the world” is to love God in the details of life, especially when those details little to our liking. We must love him in this beggar, this annoying creep, not in beggars or creeps in general. We must love him in this act of fasting, not in fasting in general. This basket of laundry, this paperwork, this ICEL translation…. Hmmm…, didn’t I say it was a challenge? God’s will must not be reduced to something abstract, as if it is merely a “heavenly” or “ideal” reality. “Thy will (voluntas) be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Continue reading

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