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More fireworks shots

I don’t think I posted this one earlier. Enjoy! I think I might have the best place in Rome to watch the fireworks when they are near San Pietro. As a matter of fact, folks have come to sit in my bathroom for the view! Continue reading

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Another Roman Sunset

You’ve seen them before… shots of Roman evenings and sunsets. I guess I just can’t help myself. You can see the swallows swooping around as they love to do in the mornings and evenings.
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Thursday in the 5th Week of Easter

Spinning this out a little more, as an example I recall from Lutheran doctrine that a justified person remains forever a sinner because of concupiscence, which is not removed by baptism. Concupiscence describes the disordered desires and difficulty we have in controling our appetites we have because of the wounds to our will and intellect. The baptized person is described by Lutherans as simul justus et peccator … righteous and sinner at the same time. Continue reading

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