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CDWDS to USCCB… Come in, USCCB… Come in….

A letter of His Eminence Francis Card. Arinze to His Excellency Bishop Skylstad.  My emphasis:

2 May 2006
The Most Reverend William Skylstad Bishop of Spokane President, United States Conference of Catholic BishopsProt. n. 499/06/L
Your Excellency,
With reference to the conversation … Continue reading

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An ecclesiastical obiter

By way of an obiter dictum it occurred to me opportune to make an observation about some ecclesiastical appointments I heard about recently.  
Every once in a while a sequence of moves gives me the sense that something is … Continue reading

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From the year the City was pickled.. er um…. founded

In the grand Church of St. Augustine here in Roma, the attentive visitor will notice and read the inscription on the tomb of Onofrio Panvinio (1529 Verona – 1568 Palermo), Augustinian and scholar, admire (?) his countenance, … Continue reading

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Saturday of the 5th Week of Easter

Do you see the connection to Thursday’s and Friday’s prayer? Thursday we also had justification language and yesterday we had in aptari the concept of being made fit, or suitable, or disposed for something. Latin capax in the first place concerns the physical volume of something, but by extension it is “capacious, susceptible, capable of, good, able, apt, fit for”. Here, capax has to do with the ability to receive something. In juridical language capax applies to the ability to inherit. Keep in mind that we are, in Christ, made by spiritual adoption co-heirs. In Christian texts capax comes to mean “capable” or “disposed” to receive spiritual realities, such as the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, or sacraments. Even today capax is used when conferring a sacrament provisionally on someone. For example, if a priest does not know for sure if a person has been validly baptized, he will confer the sacrament provisionally by saying, “si capax es, ego te baptizo… if you are capable (of receiving the sacrament) I baptize you…”. Continue reading

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