Ascension Thursday

In the Person of the Risen Lord, the God/man, our humanity is at this very moment present at the right hand of God the Father. When Christ ascended to the Father, our humanity ascended with Him. We are already there, but still not yet there. We must wait for the world’s consummation and final reckoning to join Them in our final state of endless contemplation of the Triune God. Christ is the Head of the Church. Through and in Him we are the Body, the members, the Church. In that time after the world and everything and everyone has been put in the balance, and everything has been submitted by Christ to the Father so that God may be all in all, Christ the Head and Christ the Body will be, as St. Augustine might put it, Christus Totus: Christ Whole and Entire. The Ascension, celebrated on 40th day after Easter since the 4th century, is a celebration in advance of our own ascension in glory.

Fac nos, omnipotens Deus, sanctis exsultare gaudiis,
et pia gratiarum actione laetari,
quia Christi Filii tui ascensio est nostra provectio,
et quo processit gloria capitis,
eo spes vocatur et corporis.

Cause us, Almighty God, to exult in holy joys
and to be glad in dutiful thanksgiving,
for the ascension of Christ Thy Son is our advancement,
and the hope of the Body is being called to that place
from whence comes forth the glory of the Head.

Sacrificium, Domine, pro Filii tui supplices
venerabili nunc ascensione deferimus;
praesta, quaesumus, ut his commerciis sacrosanctis
ad caelestia consurgamus.

O Lord, we supplicants are bringing the sacrifice
now for the venerable Ascension of your Son:
grant, we beg, that we may rise up unto the heavenly places
by means of these most sacred exchanges.

Omnipotens sempiterne Deus,
qui in terra constitutos divina tractare concedis,
praesta, quaesumus,
ut illuc tendat christianae devotionis affectus,
quo tecum est nostra substantia.


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One Response to Ascension Thursday

  1. Here are the 1973 ICEL versions that I heard this morning — chanted so nicely as to almost disguise their flatness — at a Mass celebrated in an undisclosed location by an adventurous priest following the universal rather than the U.S. calendar:

    Opening Prayer
    God our Father,
    make us joyful in the ascension of your Son Jesus Christ.
    May we follow him into the new creation,
    for his ascension is our glory and our hope.

    Prayer over the Gifts
    Lord, receive our offering
    as we celebrate the ascension of Christ your Son.
    May his gifts help us rise with him
    to the joys of heaven.

    Prayer after Communion
    Father, in this Eucharist
    we touch the divine life you give to the world.
    Help us to follow Christ with love
    to eternal life where he is Lord…

    It was some consolation that the opening and communion antiphons were chanted in lieu of any of the usual “songs” being sung. The only congregational singing was of the Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, and Agnus Dei.

    And here is Father Z’s earlier literal translation of the Postcommunion that does not appear in his post above:

    Almighty eternal God,
    who allow those established upon earth to treat of divine things,
    grant, we beseech,
    that the disposition of Christian devotion may bend our course to that place
    where our substance is now with you.