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7th Sunday of Easter: Super Oblata (2)

It is immediately after this prayer that we launch into the Euchrist Prayer beginning with the Preface and Sanctus. You all know the phrase, “Sursum corda! Lift up your hearts!” In 418 St. Augustine (s. 261) declared to his flock:

“The resurrection of the Lord is our hope, the Lord’s ascension our glorification. … So if we are to celebrate the Lord’s ascension in the right way, with faith, with devotion, with reverence as godfearing people, we must ascend with him, and lift up our hearts. In ascending, however, we mustn’t get above ourselves. Yes, we should lift up our hearts, but to the Lord. Hearts, you see, lifted up, not to the Lord – that’s pride; while hearts lifted up to the Lord, that’s called taking refuge. After all, we say to the one who has ascended, Lord, you have become a refuge for us (Ps 90:1).” Continue reading

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7th Sunday of Easter: Post Communion

In the Incarnation, God the Son, the Second Person, took our humanity, our substantia into an indestructible bond with His divinity, His substantia. In the Resurrection, our substantia rose from death in Christ. In His Ascension, the God Man took our human nature to be seated at the right hand of the Father. Our humanity is at this very moment already seated in bliss with the Father in the Person of the risen Christ. By living in friendship with Him in the state of grace and striving with real single-minded focus (devotio) to bend all that we say, do, think and desire toward that final end of heaven, God will give us the help we need to get there. He already gives us, in anticipation of that great homecoming in heaven (for our humanity is already home in Him), the greatest help of all: spiritual nourishment in the Eucharist. He permits us here in this fading and passing vale of tears to make loving use of unfading and eternal mysteries. Continue reading

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7th Sunday of Easter: Super Oblata (1)

What Does the Prayer Really Say?  Seventh Sunday of Easter/Ascension of the Lord
ORIGINALLY PRINTED IN The Wanderer in 2002
In many places where WDTPRS is read, Ascension Thursday is transferred and celebrated on the following Sunday, the Seventh of Easter.  … Continue reading

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Benedict in Poland on priests and “affective maturity”

In his address to priests in the Warsaw cathedral the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI said (emphasis mine):

In reality, we grow in affective maturity when our hearts adhere to God. Christ needs priests who are mature, virile, capable of … Continue reading

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I am delighted to report that one of our participants has sent an audio file of the Internet Prayer in Swedish! Many thanks. Please say a prayer for this fellow in gratitude for his contribution. Continue reading

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Aurea mediocritas restated in a Chinese fashion

You all know the phrase coined by the Roman poet Q. Horatius Flaccus or Horace (+8 BC) aurea mediocritas which refers to keeping a balance, applying the mean and reason to human activities so as to avoid the excesses that … Continue reading

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Saturday after Ascension in the 6th Week of Easter

The author of the prayer was probably trying to make the prayer more interesting by using both donum and munus to express the concept of “gift”. However, there are subtle lessons to learn from the vocabulary. When we receive something (percipio) as a gift and then come to “perceive” what the content of the gift is, we are obliged to express outwardly both gratitude and also subsequent care for the gift so as to honor the giver. If you receive a beautiful and precious present from someone of high station you do so with humility. You express wonder, gratitude. You examine it carefully. You position it in a place of honor in your home, on display for others to see and to help you remember kindly the giver. You probably will try to learn more about the thing, its history, and so forth. You explain to others the story of how you got it and what it is. Continue reading

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Indonesian earthquake

Pray for the folks in Indonesia.  We are hoping that our WDTPRS participant from Indonesia, who contributed recently a translation of The Internet Prayer, will check in and let us know he is okay after the big earthquake.

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Secretary of State

I believe we are going to be seeing a new Secretary of State in the first week or so of June. His name is To Be announced. I think the furniture is being moved. Continue reading

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Friday after Ascension in the 6th Week of Easter

COLLECT: Deus, qui ad aeternam vitam in Christi resurrectione nos reparas, erige nos ad consedentem in dextera tua nostrae salutis auctorem, ut, cum in maiestate sua Salvator noster advenerit, quos fecisiti baptismo renasci, facias beata immortatlitate vestiri. LITERAL VERSION: … Continue reading

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