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Da Nile is more than just a river in Egypt

Perhaps this shot of the head of the representation of The Nile on G.L. Bernini’s Fountain of the Rivers in the Piazza Navona might stir you to think of a caption? Continue reading

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Well… I guess it isn’t so bad today

I often take my camera while on my appointed rounds and sometimes, just for kicks I snap a shot of something I have otherwise seen a zillion times. All in all, Rome is a pretty photogenic place. Continue reading

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Saturday after Ascension in the 7th Week of Easter

Today perhaps there is rather too much emphasis in preaching and literature on the Resurrection aspect of our Christian lives to the detriment of the reality of the Cross. Remembering that we are all destined for the Resurrection is of great importance in all we do, course, especially in the way we treat others. It helps in our daily dealings with people to see them also as people destined for the Resurrection. At the same time, there is no resurrection without the Cross. We also have our daily crosses to bear, and so do those around us. In our words and actions both the Resurrection and the Cross must be evident. There will sometimes be more emphasis on the one than the other, depending on the circumstances. Continue reading

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Ever have one of those days….

Have you ever had one of those days when everything seems to conspire against you? Continue reading

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