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Sensible words from Roche of ICEL to the USCCB

The speech of H.E. Arthur Roche Bishop of Leeds and chairman of ICEL has been posted. There were sensible things in the speech.  In the WDTPRS articles I have spoken of "courtly" language.  Here is what bishop Roche said:   … Continue reading

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Even the “foreign” guy can get it right

Often the AP and Reuters photo captions are terribly muddled, since they are often written by non-Catholics or non-English speakers (and a combination of the same).  However, in this caption, the writer goet something that some of the bishops meeting … Continue reading

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Another Latin “standing” verb

Don’t miss this one! I read in some blogspot out there some dopey comments about “standing” verbs in Latin in the context of the meeting of bishops at the Millennium in LA (which a quick search showed would cost me … Continue reading

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About the upcoming vote by the bishops on the draft translation, I tip my hat to American Papist    o{]:¬)    for the following predictably muddled AP story: "My big concern is people are going to feel like they’re being jerked around. … Continue reading

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…omnium circumstantium…

Someone asked me about the Latin phrase from the Roman Canon (1st Eucharistic Prayer) "omnium circumstantium".  This is one of the points surely to be addressed in the meeting of the bishops as they prepare to vote on the draft … Continue reading

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Corpus Christi

Here are somethings pasted together from past WDTPRS articles on the prayers for Corpus Christi. If you are not into the text, then perhaps you will enjoy the photo I shot last year of the Eucharistic procession for Corpus Christi … Continue reading

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I am shocked…. shocked!

While I tip my biretta to The Cafeteria is Closed     o{]:¬)    for this pornographic picture, but do you see anything wrong with this?   They are violating Redemptionis Sacramentum which clearly states that glass vessels are not to be used!   Someone … Continue reading

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