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“The Lord IS with you!”

Over at Amy’s – to whom I tip my biretta  o{]:¬)  someone made a comment that … well… let her say it: I’m wondering if the priest at my territorial parish (which I no longer attend) will now finally stop … Continue reading

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Stilettos and heels

Our friend Diogenes has skewered the craven Fr. Thomas "Bear The Brunt" Reese, SJ, and his ilk with an elegant twist of the left-wing’s favorite stilettos (and I don’t exclude the reference to "heels", in more than one way).  Here … Continue reading

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Hrumpf… ironic, no?

In the AP story being sprayed around widely, you read (bold and numbers mine): Some have worried about changing a fundamental rite of worship that is so much a part of Catholic identity, especially now. 1) Mass attendance has been … Continue reading

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“…significantly amended…”, but to what?

Here is one soundbite from His Excellency Bishop Donald W. Trautman, chair of the BCL and opponent of the norms of Liturgiam authenticam.  This says a great deal: "I’m pleased that the text has been significantly amended. That made an … Continue reading

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Like, whatever….

There is a cutsie story in the WaPo about the first batch of girls being allowed to serve at the altar in the Diocese of Arlington.  Some quotes: Taylor dreams of playing pro lacrosse. "I think I can be anything … Continue reading

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Cunctando regitur mundus, again

You get the feeling that this is a game of chicken and we, the Catholic faithful, are standing in the middle of the street. Everyone knows how the votes went.  What we don’t know is precisely what the votes were … Continue reading

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Politicians & abortion: How does this translate?

In a Reuters piece we read: LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – U.S. Catholic bishops on Thursday ended years of soul searching over whether Catholic politicians who support abortion rights should be denied communion, leaving the decision with local bishops. … LITERAL … Continue reading

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