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“Let the feet of our minds be stretched out”: Ambrose on “dew”

I understand that “dew”, the moisture we find on the grass each morning, a long treasured figure used for the Holy Spirit’s gentle action in our lives, is apparently so difficult to grasp that some bishops today won’t even try … Continue reading

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More from His Excellency Donald W. Trautman, chair of the BCL and perpetrator of rebellion against the norms in Liturgiam authentiam.  I tip my birretta   o{]:¬)  to Gerald over at The Cafeteria is Closed for this amusing tidbit. Among the … Continue reading

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People who blab in church – an ancient view

NAPALM ALERT!  The other day I posted a groovy little poem by Commodianus about people who blab or gossip in church.  I noticed something else about this poem when I was correcting my all too fast rendering into the English.  … Continue reading

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“Do I have to take these forever?”

The events of the last couple days of liturgico-translational hijinx have brought back to mind some medical analogies I gleaned from a physician friend LAL. What brought this on?  As I posted in another message, about someone’s plaintive wondering if … Continue reading

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