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Paulinus on dew: “The drops of our darkness”

Today is the feast of St. Paulinus of Nola (+431).  Could you go through this day without knowing what this great poet and letter writer (the ancient verison of a patristiblogger) said about "dew".  Of course not!!
In ep. 23,33 (CSEL … Continue reading

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“What does it even mean?”

Thanks to Amy Welborn for the following… at least I think, thanks.  Not sure, really.  I was more than a little irritated when I first read this, but I am over it now. 
In the The Floridian there is a … Continue reading

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“….just a little bit looonggerrrr…”

Ohhh won’t you stayyy… just a little bit looonggerrrrrrPlease please stayyyyyyy…..
VATICAN CITY, JUN 22, 2006 (VIS) – The Holy Father, in accordance with Canon 354 of the Code of Canon … Continue reading

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WMD found in Iraq: story buried and spun

Why did the WaPo bury this on page A 10???

Lawmakers Cite Weapons Found in Iraq
Thursday, June 22, 2006; Page A10
Rep. Peter Hoekstra (R-Mich.), chairman of the House intelligence committee, and Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) told reporters yesterday that weapons … Continue reading

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The “conquered” sun: more pointed comments

Friends who come to Rome and request tours from me know that I am interested in obelisks and, what’s more, I expect them to be also. These pointed monuments are fascinating. Yesterday I posted about catching the shadow … Continue reading

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Paul VI: Nourished by the dewing

Frequent WDTPRS contributor Andrew posted a gem, on dew, as a comment to another thread in this blog:
Here it is (emphasis mine):
Interesting how Latin uses the concept of dew in various forms.
In addition to “Ros, Roris” (dew) and “Rorare” (”to … Continue reading

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