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Of thieves and Nancy Pelosi

While I tip my biretta to Dominic Bettinelli, I do so with irritated amusement.  o{]:¬\
I am not irritated at Dominic, of course, but at Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).
The Rep from CA did something truly dopey on the … Continue reading

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24 June: St. John the Baptist

Today is the Feast of the one whom the Lord called the greatest man ever born of woman.
COLLECT: Deus, qui beatum Ioannem Baptistam suscitasti, ut perfectam plebem Christo Domino praepararet, da populis tuis spiritalium gratiam gaudiorum, et omnium fidelium … Continue reading

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SNAILS and SOLFEGE: a St. John’s riff

If these little messages here seem to crawl at a snail’s pace, here in Rome today on the feast of St. John it is the custom to eat snails.  I will be looking snails for supper later in the … Continue reading

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A rant, the Centurion, and frequent Communion

Have you ever kept a ratty old pair of jeans, or maybe a threadbare robe, maybe a pair of shoes that should have long gone to the dump simply because they are familiar?  "New and far more useful dish rags … Continue reading

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CDWDS Sec. speaks of older Mass

There is a great article about His Excellency Albert Malcom Ranjith Patabendige Don, Secretary of the CDWDS.
Vatican liturgical official seeks recovery of the sacred
Here are some excerpts:
"But unfortunately," he said, "after the Council, certain changes were made rapidly, without … Continue reading

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John Allen on Bertone and Trautman

The ubiquitous fair-minded writer for the lefty National Catholic Reporter in his weekly Word From Rome piece.  He discusses some very interesting things with his usual insight.
Do check out his brief interviews with The Chair and with Msgr. Moroney.
I will … Continue reading

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Fr. Altier joining The Wanderer

When Father Robert Altier and I were in seminary together, and ever after, we joked about working on a project that would cover things "from A to Z".  Who’da thunk it….
You remember Fr. Robert Altier of St. Paul and … Continue reading

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Fellow patristicists UNITE: Opinion Journal (WSJ) on ICEL

Opinion Journal arrives in my inbox everyday and I look forward to it.  Imagine my delight that a fellow patristicist wrote a piece on the recent vote of the USCCB to approve the English translation!  Here it is.  (Emphasis and … Continue reading

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Feast of the Sacred Heart and Holy Mass

Here is an image for you.

In the Litany of the Sacred Heart we pray: "Jesus, meek and humble of heart… Make our hearts like unto Thine."
This certainly must be the aspiration of all Christians. 
Perhaps you might take a moment … Continue reading

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Augustine: Centurion’s heart was already Christ’s throne

We have been looking extensively at "dew".  Another of the controverted proposed translations for the texts of Mass concerns the words before reception of Holy Communion: "I am not worthy that You should enter under my roof… Non sum dignus … Continue reading

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