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Today’s 2nd reading through Augustine’s lens

The second reading for Holy Mass today, Sunday, is from 2 Corinthians 12: 7-10.   We hear about Paul who was tormented by the Devil with God’s permission and given his proverbial “thorn in the flesh”.   This was to bring Paul … Continue reading

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14th Sunday of Ordinary Time: POST COMMUNION

When I hear a phrase like ut numquam cessemus a laude tua, which is a result (ut with the subjunctive), my mind quickly sorts through the reasons for the result. We have just been given a share and foretaste of the heavenly life being extended to us by God. A gift as great as that, the bread of angels become the our spiritual and even physical nourishment, undeserved as it is on our part, demands from us who receive it a response that encompasses our whole person, body and soul. In heaven, certainly, we will “never cease or leave off from the praise” of God, whom we shall see face to face. But we are not in heaven now. We are still here on earth. Holy Communion requires a response of praise here and now. How can we praise God in response to the divine gifts He gives us? As the priest would quote (cf. Ps 116) before his own Communion at Mass, “What shall I give back to the Lord for all the things He gives to me?” We must praise Him. And not in words or thoughts only, but also in outward, concrete deeds as well, even if, especially when, it also means taking up the chalice He offers daily. Continue reading

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14th Sunday of Ordinary Time: COLLECT (2)

Our Collect offers us an image material creation like an enervated body, wounded and weakened by sin, lying in the dust from whence it came. In the sin of our first parents all creation was wounded and, as we see everyday, the harmony that there ought to have been between the rest of material creation and man its steward has been damaged. It is almost as if creation, including us, is bound and captive by an enemy who has beaten him down to the ground and enslaved him. God then comes as liberator. He rouses us from being prone upon the ground. He grasps us, pulling us upward out of sin and death. He aims us again toward the joys possible in this world first and then definitively in the next, if only we can get back to our feet. Our Savior, the Son, came in humility to rescue us in our wretchedness. We have seen before in our prayers the pattern of descent and ascent, of exit and return. Before the Resurrection there is the Passion. Before exaltation there is humiliation. The descent, exit, Passion and humiliation bring an even more exalted joy which will embrace the entirety of man in both soul and body, the interior and the outward human person. Continue reading

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