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“Nevertheless, not Your will, but mine be done…”

Rorate Coeli has done us a service again by alerting us to the recent declaration on the part of the SSPX. Here are some interesting parts of the cover letter and declaration with a few of my comments (my trans.) … Continue reading

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Stinking Bishop at the Closed Cafeteria?

From time to time I have let you know about what we are eating here at the Sabine Farm.  Over at The hermeneutic of continuity there is fun menu posted.  Check it out via that link but here it is: … Continue reading

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St. Simeon – the Cal Ripken of Stylites

Sometimes saints seem a little… how to put this… weird. Today is the feast of St. Simon the Stylite, called Simeon Stylites, a 5th century Syrian monk who lived for 36 years on top of a tall pillar. Even as … Continue reading

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26 July: St. Joachim and Anna

Today is the feast of Sts. Joachim and Anna, the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Since I am at the time of this writing up on the North Shore of Lake Superior and connecting through my cellphone, suffice for … Continue reading

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25 July: “Mister” Christopher

Today is the feast of Saint, er um… "Mister" Christopher.  This beloved figure "lost", as it were, his status as saint when the Holy See made a determination to remove from the universal calendar some certain figures (e.g., "Miss Philomena") … Continue reading

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25 July: St. James, Apostle (Chrysostom on the Gospel reading)

Today is the feast of St. James the Apostle.  I am sure other blogs will tell you about the great Apostle.  I will give you the perspective of a patristiblogger. The Gospel for today’s feast is from Matthew 20:20-28, when … Continue reading

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24 July: Sts. Boris and Gleb

It took guts to be a Catholic and saint back in the day, let me tell you.  Today we have the feast of a couple fellows who lived in pretty tough times.  Today we celebrate Sts. Boris and Gleb, martyrs.  … Continue reading

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Vatican Commission on Medjugorje?

There is an interesting piece on Medjugorje over at Te Deum Laudamus to which I owe a biretta tip. o{]:¬) It would be nice for someone who knows Croatian to verify the following translation: 15.07.2006 18:15 SURPRISE FROM THE VATICAN … Continue reading

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16th Sunday of Ordinary Time: Post Communion

Just as an aside you might remember once in WDTPRS (on the Super oblata of the 5th Sunday of Ordinary Time – The Wanderer 7 February 2002) we discussed the placement of accents in Latin words and how they can change the meaning. The examples were derivatives of the verbs condio which gives us the word condítor (“pickler”) and condo producing cónditor (“founder”). We must be careful when singing St. Ambrose’s great hymn Cónditor alme siderum not to misplace the accent in such a way that we are singing “O loving pickler of the stars” rather than “creator of the stars”. The connection? The clearest example showing the meaning of baptizô is a text from the Greek grammarian, poet and physician Nicander of Colophon (fl. II c. B.C., not to be confused with an epic poet Nicander son of Anaxagoras). The text is a recipe for making pickles in which Nicander uses both baptô and baptizô. He says that to make a good pickle (I am not making this up) we must first “dip” (baptô) the veggie into boiling water and then “baptize” (baptizô) it in the vinegar solution. Both verbs concern the immersing of vegetables. The first immersion is a preparatory stage while the second, the act of “baptising” the vegetable, produces the permanent change in which the vegetable is “imbued” with new properties.
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16th Sunday of Ordinary Time: Super Oblata (2)

In the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass we lovingly offer back to the Father in an unbloody way what was accomplished in a bloody way once for all time upon the Cross of our salvation. Christ, at the same time both Victim and Priest, who is the true actor in the Mass is offering Himself to the Father in a sacramental way. Sacramental reality is just as real as historical reality. In the Mass the Lord applies the fruits of His unrepeatable Sacrifice to us who are present and to those for whom Mass is being offered, living or dead. We are not trying to repeat the historic Sacrifice of Christ which took place at a specific moment in time. That is impossible and, in any event, unnecessary. Christ’s work is perfectly accomplished already. What we do now we do because of Christ’s command: we renew His Sacrifice in an unbloody and sacramental way. Holy Mass truly is the one and same Sacrifice of Christ on Calvary, no less real than the event of 2000 years ago. Continue reading

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