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AFQB: Kind AND Number (confession)

I had a good question in the ASK FATHER Question box about confession. Here it is: Kind AND Number (confession) AFQB – The ASK FATHER Question Box: Liturgy, Music & The Seven Sacraments: Kind AND Number (confession) By Anonymous on … Continue reading

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Of jewelry boxes and deep freezers

In The Tablet article, Bishop Arthur Roche, chairman of ICEL makes excellent and thought provoking comments. Here is another excerpt: Some people assume that liturgical language should be comfortably predictable: it should not shock. That assumption was not shared by … Continue reading

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ICEL’s Bishop Roche looks at what the prayer really says

In the article in the Tablet Bishop Arthur Roche of Leeds, chairman of ICEL, gets into what a prayer for Easter really says.  Here is the bit from the article (my emphasis and comments): Whatever is said about Liturgiam Authenticam … Continue reading

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Dynamic equivalence

In The Tablet His Excellency Archbishop Roche, chairman of ICEL, has an interesting piece describing the status quaesitionis. It is good to pause occasionaly and make a review of where you are. There are many good bits in the article. … Continue reading

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