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FNC’s Steve Centanni and cameraman RELEASED!

Fox News’ journalist Steve Centanni and his cameraman have been RELEASED!
Let there be sung Non Nobis and Te Deum.

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Monica’s tomb in Sant’Agostino in Rome

This is the chapel in the church of St. Augustine in Rome (literally across the street from my back door) on the day when the bones of St. Augustine were brought from their resting place in Pavia to Rome. … Continue reading

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Monica: an influence on the doctrine of Original sin?

Turning again to Serge Lancel’s excellent Augustine, the best biography I know of the great Bishop of Hippo (p. 11 ff) we can get a view of Monica and her son and their relationship (my emphasis):
In the course of … Continue reading

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St. Monica: avoided alcoholism

From Serge Lancel’s Augustine, the best biography I know of the great Bishop of Hippo (p. 8 ff):
Before devoting himself entirely to Mother Church, as he approached the age of forty, Augustine had had a concubine for about fifteen years, … Continue reading

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21st Sunday of Ordinary Time: SUPER OBLATA (2)

Let me ask you. What would the last thirty some years have been like if we had had better translations all along? What would our Church be like today had the mandate of the Council to maintain Latin been obeyed? Would we have a different sense of our identity as Catholics? Would those things have helped us better influence the society we live in? Would we be better prepared to handle the pressures of daily life? Would so many people, including clergy, have been acquiescent in the face of popular cultural trends and the destruction of our education system? I think much of what we see going on today could have been averted. We can’t know anything for sure, but I have little doubt that things would have been very different indeed. This is because I believe that the true Actor at Mass is Christ Jesus the High Priest. Mass is effective and nourishing. Had things been in better shape, Catholics would be different today. Lex orandi, lex credendi! The way we pray has a reciprocal relationship with what we believe. Continue reading

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Holy Father’s Angelus on St. Monica and St. Augustine

During today’s Angelus at Castel Gandolofo, the Holy Father spoke about St. Monica and St. Augustine. Pope Benedict is a deeper learner about the Fathers and he is sharing wonderful insights with us now. You can hear the enthusiasm in his voice, even though he stubles in his text once. I think he might have inserted a parenthetical.

Benedict XVI referred to Monica as an example of encouragment to parents who are suffering from watching their children stray on the wrongs paths. Augustine was a long seeker after the truth, even from his youth.

Download the mp3 of his address. I don’t know how long this address will be valid. Probably one week. Continue reading

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