St. Samuel, prophet

Today is feast of St. Samuel, the prophet of the Old Testament. Many people do not realize that Old Testament figures are often considered saints. Here is the entry for St. Samuel in the Roman Martyrology:

2. Commemoratio sancti Samuelis, prophetae, qui puer a Deo vocatus, dein iudicis in Israel munere fungens, Deo iubente, Saulem unxit regem super populum, sed, illo postea a Domino ob infidelitatem reiecto, regalem unctionem contulit etiam Davidi, cuius ex semine Christus erat nasciturus. … The commemoration of Saint Samuel, the prophet, who having been called by God when he was a boy, later exercising the office of a judge in Israel, since God was commanding it, annointed Saul as king over the people, but, after (Saul) was rejected by the Lord on account of his infidelity, he conferred royal annointing also upon David, from whose seed Christ would be born.


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