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Foster-ing LATIN once again in Rome

This afternoon was the first meeting of Fr. Reginald Foster’s Latin "experiences". It took place in the new digs for the course. You will remember that he was given the heave ho from the Gregorian University where he had taught … Continue reading

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Red sky and cupola

Tonight’s view on my return to my chamber above the rooftops.
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“no more than a project of the Colombian Cardinal”???

Once again we refer you to Rorate Coeli, this time for some a rather disconcerting story of Hervé Yannou writing for Le Figaro. Yannou’s story implies that perhaps Pope Benedict has been persuaded to wait on issuing a document to … Continue reading

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8 November: upcoming transit of Mercury

8 November is the second of the double transits of Mercury across the face of the Sun. A transit can occur in May or November. November transits happen at intervals of 7, 13, or 33 years; May transits happen at … Continue reading

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Rumor of a signing date

RUMOR ALERT: If you didn’t get it the first time, the following rumor is a rumor. Someone I spoke to tonight, who has a friend in the Apostolic Palace, told me the document "will be signed" on 11 November. The … Continue reading

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