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Can SSPXers attend approved “Tridentine” Masses?

On the question of whether the SSPX is schismatic or not (some say yes – that would be the late Pope) I found this on the SSPX website. It concerns whether or not people who follow the priests of the … Continue reading

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Holy Father’s Christmas address to Roman Curia

The text of the Pope’s annual address to members of the Curia is out, in Italian. I won’t do a translation, but I can let you know what is going on for the most part. The Pope looks at the … Continue reading

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Caption request

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The sort of person who is happy only when he is unhappy

Over at Rorate, we have a report of the SSPX bishop Bernard Fellay making a speech in Argentina. You can get more of the speech at Rorate but here is something that interested me (emphasis mine). "…it seems like that … Continue reading

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Last Days of Advent: 22 December

Here is the Collect for today’s Mass on 22 December.  The Roman Station today is the Basilica of the Twelve Apostles. COLLECT: Deus, qui, hominem delapsum in mortem conspiciens, Unigeniti tui adventu redimere voluisti, praesta, quaesumus, ut, qui humili eius … Continue reading

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WSJ ass. editor against blogs!!

I have been catching up on my reading after my travels across the Pond and down to Florida.  I found this wonderful piece by the ass. editor of The Wall Street Journal.  It is about how awful blogs are.  Here … Continue reading

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Is the SSPX in schism?

Is the SSPX in schism? A commentor in another thread on this blog wrote: The Holy See has never said that the SSPX is in schism. Therefore, to say that they are strikes me as somewhat rash. Why would one … Continue reading

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Freezing rain

We are having freezing rain at The Sabine Farm.  I am guessing that tommorow morning should be absolutely gorgeous.

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