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Priests who want “tradition” but retain “versus populum”?

Someone asked a a rather off topic question in another entry. The question was worthy of attention in its own right, so here it is. Why is it that many Diocesan Priests that love the TLM and pray for its … Continue reading

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Status blogi quaestionis

I am pleased to report that there were some 60 comments on the entry to "name" the upcoming Motu Proprio to derestrict the older form of Mass.  Some of the proposals are pretty creative and very funny.  Others are rather … Continue reading

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Dies agonalis

As the interesting rougeclassicism remind us, in the very much more ancient traditional Roman calendar, today, is ante diem v idus januarias.  It is one of the Agonalia (or Agonia or Agnoium), one of four dies agonales (9 January, 17 … Continue reading

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Jet and news lagging

The "confusion of schedule" as we call it in Italian is taking its usual toll. I functioning, however. My spies are beginning to report in and I am once again news gathering.

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