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Bp. Trautman: “pro multis” confusing

My good friend Mr. John Allen formerly ubiquitous and still writing for the NCR presented a provocative headline: Trautman says change on ‘pro multis’ may confuse teaching that Christ died for all According to a press release issued by a … Continue reading

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Sundown and sunny foggy morning

I was hoping I might be able to catch a glimpse of the brightening comet McNaught last night before I had to head off to meet my peeps.   Instead, some clouds got in the way. This morning, on the other … Continue reading

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Pasta Wielgus

I was out with friends tonight. A lot of the discussion concerned l’affaire Wielgus. We did a full review of all the various theories floating around, of course. Some of them are particularly amusing. I especially like the one about … Continue reading

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