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Fr. Whinder sighting

There has been a sighting of the increasingly photographed Fr. Whinder together with Fr. Schofield, master of Roman Miscellany Hey… what’r those guys doing to my computer??

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The press release with Bp. Trautman’s comments

The blog Mere Comments of Touchstone fisks Bishop Trautman’s remarks to the recent meeting of the "Catholic Academy of Liturgy", which met recently in Toronto. However, since to my knowledge no one yet has the full text of His Excellency’s … Continue reading

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Tonic for writer’s block

I need to throw a question to the crowd. [UPDATE: POLL ADDED] If you look at a reference work such as A Manual for Writers, you will find that the plurals of prepositional-phrase compounds follow the rule governing the first … Continue reading

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This and that

Today I retrieved Pén Jǐng today, from the pén jǐng sitter, on my way back from the press conference about the preparatory phase of the upcoming meeting of CELAM, which His Holiness will open in Brasil this coming May. During … Continue reading

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