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Thanks renewed

Thanks to those of you who have made contributions recently via the donation button.  Your participation is appreciated.

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The hermeneutic of faux-ICEL

The blogmeister of Hermeneutic of Continuity has provided what the old incarnaton of ICEL might have done with a Latin inscription in marble at the Lateran University (one of me alme matres) for the dedication of the new library. Too … Continue reading

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The meaning of ministry

One of the WDTPRS articles I posted today has a paragraph on the issue of ministry.  This paragraph aroused a comment from an attentive reader.  It is worth our time to tease out that exchange and give it some focus: … Continue reading

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2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time: POST COMMUNION (2)

Without this bidirectional love of charity, our “prayer after communion” is just a still life rather than a living landscape. It is like a painting of a glorious bowl of fruit beginning to rot, rather than a vista in which life thrives. The Italian term for a still life is “natura morta”, a “dead nature”. It is a beautiful, but dead. All our prayers can have a lovely ring to them, but without charity and the proper sense of order the ring is that of the struck brass of St. Paul’s gong in 1 Cor 13: “If I speak in the tongues of mortals and of angels, but do not have love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.” Charity calls us to act outwardly as we ought according to our interior disposition and vocation. Continue reading

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2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time: COLLECT (2)

There is a great difference between the peace the world can offer and the peace that God offers. This world of temporal goods (and ills) is passing and fragile, always susceptible to loss. The goods of heaven are lasting, enduring, solid and dependable. We must never fall into the sin of putting any created thing or person in the place which only eternal God may properly have. No infinite and passing thing can provide lasting joy or eternal peace. Any created thing can be lost through theft, wear and time. The vicissitudes of this passing world roar over us like an inexorable wave and can sweep away any material thing to which we have clung, perhaps even in idolatry. Our wealth, our family, our health, our appearance and our reputation can be taken in the blink of an eye. God alone endures. Continue reading

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In San Jose: “Tridentine” oratory

Attitudes are shifting.Tridentine Mass returns to San Jose Diocese From the Free Republic site: Not just a Tridentine indult Mass, but a full-fledged oratory authorized to administer all the sacraments according to the traditional Latin Rite has been established in … Continue reading

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