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"Your Excellency… no… enough… Piero… stay in there until I say you can come out."

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What does the Bible really say?

A few days ago Benedict XVI received as a gift to the Holy See from some Americans one of the most ancient manuscripts of the Gospels. the 14-15 Bodmer Papyrus (P75), dated between AD 175-225. The Egyptian papyrus contains about … Continue reading

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25 January: Roman Martyrology

The 2005 Roman Martyrology has this entry today: Festum Conversionis sancti Pauli, Apostoli, cui, apud Damascum cum iter faceret, adhuc spirans minis et caede in discipulos Domini, ipse Iesus in via se gloriosum revelavit eumque elegit, ut, Spiritu Sancto repletus, … Continue reading

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Message for World Day for Social Communication

It sure sounds to me as if the Holy Father is saying that people who produce wretched stuff aimed at children are in risk of going to Hell. The Holy Father issued his annual Message for World Day for Social … Continue reading

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Patristibloging Paul’s Conversion

This is the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul. The Fathers of the Church comment on Paul’s conversion. Cassiodorus, for example, addresses how God can bring good from our evil ways, revealing that He has a plan for us … Continue reading

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