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Card. Bertone is talking about Pius XII these days

The Cardinal Secretary of State has a big job, to say the least. But these days, he is busy with book presentations. He had one a couple days ago, for a book on people who helped Jews during WWII. Today … Continue reading

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27 January: St. Vitalian, pope

Today is the feast of St. Vitalian, Pope (657-672), who is also a co-patron of the Suburbicarian Diocese of Velletri-Segni.  He was born in Segni (where the finest chestnuts of Italy are found). I would be remiss if I did … Continue reading

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Card. Hummes via internet to the world’s priests

Claudio Card. Hummes, Prefect of the Congregation for Clergy, has written to all the priests of the world via the website of the Congregation. Let’s look at the central section and pull it apart. I have some obervations along the … Continue reading

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25 Jan: St. Theogenus…ummm… Saint who?

Today the great Sts. Timothy and Titus overshadow all others who are listed in the Roman Martyrology. 2. Hippone Regio in Numidia, sancti Theogenis, martyris, de quo sanctus Augustinus sermonem habuit. .. At Hippo Regius in Numidia (N. Africa), [the … Continue reading

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Follow up on Wall Street Journal claim

In the Wall Street Journal story I wrote about in another entry the claim was made that "Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung became the first Communist head of state to visit the Holy See." Blog participant RBrown reminded me … Continue reading

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Ad orientem (in another sense)

Something is up with the Holy See and East Asia. Some are taking notice. There is story in the Wall Street Journal today (my emphasis). Vietnam and the Vatican January 26, 2007 The Vatican has been home to many miracles, … Continue reading

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26 Jan: St. Timothy & Titus

Here is today’s entry in the 2005 Martyrologium Romanum for the feast of Sts. Timothy and Titus: Memoria sanctorum Timothei et Titi, episcoporum, qui, discipuli santi Pauli Apostoli et adiutores eius in apostolatu, alter Ecclesiae Ephesinae, alter vero Cretensi praefuit; … Continue reading

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"Your Excellency… no… enough… Piero… stay in there until I say you can come out."

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What does the Bible really say?

A few days ago Benedict XVI received as a gift to the Holy See from some Americans one of the most ancient manuscripts of the Gospels. the 14-15 Bodmer Papyrus (P75), dated between AD 175-225. The Egyptian papyrus contains about … Continue reading

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25 January: Roman Martyrology

The 2005 Roman Martyrology has this entry today: Festum Conversionis sancti Pauli, Apostoli, cui, apud Damascum cum iter faceret, adhuc spirans minis et caede in discipulos Domini, ipse Iesus in via se gloriosum revelavit eumque elegit, ut, Spiritu Sancto repletus, … Continue reading

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