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Venus and Rome

Here is a shot of the bright Venus.  This is is my view.  Am I fortunate? 

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“Tridetine” Motu Proprio Random Date Generator.

I tip the tricorno   o{]:¬)   to Curt Jester who saw the latest rumor.  He posted in response a hilarious script for a "Tridetine" Motu Proprio Random Date Generator.   This is really funny.

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Captions please

"Not now, Kato, you fewl!  Warm up za Silver Hornet!"  

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Another “Tridentine” Motu Proprio date

Rumors fly.  I am not entirely sure that this is well-informed, and it is more than second hand.  However, it was reported in another entry: Robert Moynihan of Inside the Vatican, currently in Naples, Florida, confirmed last night at a … Continue reading

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Post prandial stroll

  Every now again I can give you glimpses into Z-life.  Here are some images from an after lunch stroll with an octogenarian Chinese priest who lives in the same house I am in and another young fellow who came … Continue reading

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“The Chair” speaks.

The Tablet is aiding and abetting.  They have published a piece by His Excellency Donald W. Trautman, "the Chair".  He heads the USCCB’s Committee on Liturgy (BCL).  "The Chair" is the perennial foe of hard words and the Holy See’s … Continue reading

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3 February: St. Blaise

Every time I get my throat blessed on St. Blaise Day, I get a sore throat or bronchitis.  As a matter of fact, every time I bless a car it gets in an accident.  One person whom I warned about … Continue reading

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