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5th Sunday of Ordinary Time: Collect (2)

This is also what it means to belong to a family: there is both a profound interconnection between the members but also an inequality – children are no less members of the family than parents, but they are dependent they are not the equals of their parents. Our prayer gives us an image that runs very much contrary to the prevailing values of the last few decades, a period in which the military has been denigrated and the family as a coherent recognizable unit has been systematically broken down. The Latin prayers often reflect the Church’s profound awareness of our lack of equality with God. The prayers are radically hierarchical, just as God’s design reveals hierarchy and order. Compare this with prevailing societal norms. Nowadays individual soldiers might be praised but the military is still being looked at by the intelligentsia with suspicion. Rights of individual people are validated, but the family as a unit is under severe attack. Continue reading

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5th Sunday of Ordinary Time: POST COMMUNION (2)

However one may compute it, the bulk of the traditional orations simply disappeared under the revisers’ busy blue pencils. In terms of numbers and statistics alone, therefore, the contents of Paul VI’s Missal represent a radical break with the Church’s liturgical tradition. Continue reading

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Expression of gratitude for donations

I am grateful to those of you who have recently made contributions using the donation button.

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Revisiting and revising the “Tridentine” Battle Hymn

I have been receiving various missives from the author of the "Tridentine" Battle Hymn I posted about in another entry.  Each of these missives has been offering revisions of the Hymn.  Each of them has been promising that they were … Continue reading

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