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There are things called memes

There are things called "memes" which I have not figured out yet.  However, I think memes involve my creating a list and then provoking others to respond with their own lists. Here is a meme.  If I get this wrong, … Continue reading

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Sec. State Card. Bertone CONFIRMS Motu Proprio

With a biretta tip to Rorate and commentors on this blog.  o{]:¬) Card. Bertone confirmed in an interview with Le Figaro, to be published in the Sunday magazine insert, that there is a Motu Proprio which will give every priest … Continue reading

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Who’s guarding the guards?

You all know about the minor victory for Truth obtained by the correction of an error in the official English version of Sacramentum caritatis.  An error occurring in the English translation at the time of the public release of the … Continue reading

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Exhoration’s translation error CORRECTED

I have written many times in the print version of WDTPRS, that you WDTPRSers make a difference.  The readers of the print version, made an impact on the preparation of the new translation of the Missal by writing the proper … Continue reading

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Tempus defertur

This is a very cool story: Boy Spots 3-Year-Old Wristwatch From North Pole COPENHAGEN, Denmark — A wristwatch buried in the ice at the North Pole three years ago was found by a boy more than 1,800 miles away after … Continue reading

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Vietnamese priest on trial for criticizing the Party

This is from an AP story.  It is an excerpt: HUE, Vietnam (AP) — A high-profile dissident Catholic priest denounced Vietnam’s Communist Party in a startling display of defiance as he went on trial Friday on charges of disseminating materials … Continue reading

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PODCAzT 12: Fulgentius of Ruspe and tools of ancient Rhetoric

Fulgentius of Ruspe is our guest for this PODCAzT.  In the second reading for the Office of Readings today we have an excerpt Fulgentius’ work anti-Arian work De fide ad Petrum.  Before the reading itself I give a crash course … Continue reading

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Don’t let the French win

I found this over at Catholic Church Conservation.

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A very fine event upcoming at Assumption Grotto in Detroit

At the estimable Assumption Grotto parish in Detroit, for Easter and for Low Sunday you will be able to enjoy a Solemn Mass with music by Paul Paray.  Paray’s Mass for the 500th Anniversary of the Death of Joan of … Continue reading

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PODCAzT 11: Augustine – Christ’s voice in our voices, ours in His

Today’s PODCAzT features a reading from St. Augustine of Hippo’s commentary on Ps. 85 (en. ps. 85.1), the second reading from the Office of Readings for Wednesday in the 5th Week of Lent in the Liturgy of the Hours.  This … Continue reading

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Everyone… there is a matter of CRITICAL importance to discuss.   In another entry, participant Henry raised the question: Do you think just a celebratory sip of fine champagne is ok while reciting a joyful Te Deum? "JUST A SIP"???  This … Continue reading

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The Luminous Debate

I am forcing the debate over the Luminous Mysteries over here. Two rules: Be nice Be reasonable. Be focused. Okay… that’s Three rules.   You get my idea. Violate them, I will turn off comments.

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Die Welt on the Motu Proprio and my comments

Biretta tip to the Cafeteria for a story in the German daily Die Welt.   Biretta tip  o{]:¬)  Here is the important part of the article in the translation from the Cafeteria: An accompanying letter to all bishops has already been prepared. … Continue reading

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ALERT: An exhortation TO ARMS!!

UPDATE: I AM REPOSTING THIS (originally posted 23 March) Folks, for reasons I would rather not explain at this time, I could use some help with something.  I am addressing this especially to those of you with some Latin skills. … Continue reading

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Leo The Great: “the marvelous the power of the Cross”

Today’s PODCAzT presents a selection from St. Leo the Great’s sermon on the Passion, no. 8, also known as s. 59, preached on Palm Sunday in 444.  It is a about the marvelous power of the Cross. I also talk … Continue reading

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