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PODCAzT 03: Pope Leo the Great on the transfiguration, the moon, etc.

It’s the 4th of March, the 2nd Sunday of Lent and the Roman Station today is at Santa Maria in Domnica.    Welcome back to another Podcast from Fr. Z.  See below. You might be interested in a couple of the … Continue reading

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Wymyn priests with “y”s and Domnica without an extra “i”

Surely you have noticed that there is sometimes a scramble in the blogosphere for people to post entries about pretty much the saaame topics.  I do it too, I know, but I usually try to do sometimes a bit different.  … Continue reading

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Some contents of the Motu Proprio?

I received this. I am passing it along without much comment since I am dead tired, it is nearly 2 am, the idiots across the street are having a really loud party, and I… have HAD IT WITH THIS DAY!   … Continue reading

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Lunar eclipse from Rome

The total lunar eclipse of the Feast of St. Cundegunda is still going on, but it is almost at an end.  Straight to my window to you… This is it at its total stage, as far as I can tell … Continue reading

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