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Everyone… there is a matter of CRITICAL importance to discuss.  
In another entry, participant Henry raised the question:
Do you think just a celebratory sip of fine champagne is ok while reciting a joyful Te Deum?
"JUST A SIP"??? 
This is the … Continue reading

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The Luminous Debate

I am forcing the debate over the Luminous Mysteries over here.
Two rules:
Be nice
Be reasonable.
Be focused.
Okay… that’s Three rules.   You get my idea.
Violate them, I will turn off comments.

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Die Welt on the Motu Proprio and my comments

Biretta tip to the Cafeteria for a story in the German daily Die Welt.   Biretta tip  o{]:¬)  Here is the important part of the article in the translation from the Cafeteria:
An accompanying letter to all bishops has already been prepared. The … Continue reading

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ALERT: An exhortation TO ARMS!!

UPDATE: I AM REPOSTING THIS (originally posted 23 March)
Folks, for reasons I would rather not explain at this time, I could use some help with something. 
I am addressing this especially to those of you with some Latin skills.
This is … Continue reading

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Leo The Great: “the marvelous the power of the Cross”

Today’s PODCAzT presents a selection from St. Leo the Great’s sermon on the Passion, no. 8, also known as s. 59, preached on Palm Sunday in 444.  It is a about the marvelous power of the Cross.
I also talk about … Continue reading

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Nothing ventured, nothing gained

I love this.  Our own frequent participant Henry Edwards posted this relative to my entry and informal poll on whether or not images and statues are veiled after 1st Passion Sunday (5th Sunday of Lent):
I told a local pastor yesterday … Continue reading

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Whe’ you at?

Another snapshot from a few minutes ago:
(Lot’s of readings in Pennsylvania and New York this time.)
Shanghai    [YAY!!!!!!  SHANGHAI!]    Sacramento, California Indianapolis, Indiana Powell, Ohio Louisville, Kentucky Claremont, Slough Winston Salem, … Continue reading

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Last Saturday at 1st Vespers was the time to veil statues and images in your churches (1st Passion Sunday, the 5th Sunday of Lent).

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Fr. Z’s 5 Rules of Engagement for When and If the Motu Proprio Comes

A couple days ago I asked someone to send me the text of a piece in The Catholic Herald and, just I hoped, one of you responded!  Thanks.  I found this bit from a piece by Stuart Reid, the Deputy … Continue reading

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Ultra-conservative Tridentine Rite spin doctors

A kind reader sent me a piece from The Catholic Times of 25 March.  It seems to be an editorial or a letter of a columnist named Peter Griffiths against ultra-conservative "Tridentine Rite spin doctors".    I think he means me, … Continue reading

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