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Ohhhh no… that’s… that’s just wrong…

With a heavy heart I tip my biretta to Fr. Richtsteig at Orthometer    o{]:¬(      for this very disappointing photo. 
There is a contest to see how many liturgical abuses you can spot.
Click the image for a larger view, if … Continue reading

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TIME on Benedict XVI and the Motu Proprio

With due respect to Jeff Israely, whom I know, this article from TIME is seriously skewed.  (My emphasis and comments.)
Friday, Apr. 13, 2007
A Step Backward for Pope Benedict?
By Jeff Israely/Rome
Two years into his papacy, Benedict XVI may be … Continue reading

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UCANews: Card. Hamao of Japan on Latin

Gerard O’Connell of UCAN reports that His Eminence Stephan Cardinal Fumio Hamao has some strong opinions.  Read the whole piece, but here is what he says about Latin:
This inability to understand Asia and the Far East, he said, is somewhat … Continue reading

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The Pope’s Book: Jesus of Nazareth

I was at the presentation of the Pope’s book, Jesus of Nazareth in the Aula del Sinodo on Friday 13 April 2007.  Others will write about or post the talks by the presenters.  You can pre-order the book in English, … Continue reading

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Prayer request: Msgr. Richard Schuler

I kindly ask that you now say a prayer for Msgr. Richard Schuler, pastor emeritus of St. Agnes in St. Paul, MN (USA).
The weight of years and long illness are weighing extremely heavily on him right now.  This is a … Continue reading

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New ICEL draft of the Roman Canon

Here is the draft of the Roman Canon, the 1st Eucharistic Prayer:
I will emphasize texts of special interest.
To you, [The Roman Canon begins with "Te", "You", often decorated as a Crucifixion.  The idea is that the first word focuses on … Continue reading

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“through my most grievous fault”

In the future, at Holy Mass, your full, conscious and active participation will be aided by more accurate translations.
Imagine you are at Mass and this is how it begins:
V. The Lord be with youR. And with your spirit.
V. Brothers and … Continue reading

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The new translation draft…. consubstantial

Truth is victorious again.
Those who think we are all too stupid to understand Mass texts without them being dumbed down complained vigously about words and phrases that were tooo harrrd.  None were harder than translating consubstantialis Patri in the Creed … Continue reading

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“enter under my roof”

A new draft of the ICEL translation is circulating and it is interesting to review it with an eye on those controversial bits. 
Not only did people freak out about "dew of the Spirit in the 2nd Eucharistic Prayer being tooo … Continue reading

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“Dew” you remember the “dew” controversy in the 2nd Eucharistic Prayer?

I am sure veterans of WDTPRS will remember with a smile my rants, fisks, and Patristic glosses on the image of "dew" in the proposed new translation of the 2nd Eucharistic Prayer.
There were some people, such as H.E. Donald W. … Continue reading

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