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Letter to the Church in China: first glance

Here are some rapid notes after a first reading.  This should post appear after the embargo is lifted, after 1200h in Rome. The Letter to Bishops, Priests, Consecrated Persons and Lay Faithful of the Catholic Church in the People’s Republic … Continue reading

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Diogenes on the Motu Proprio

If you don’t subscribe to CWN, you ought to, even if only to show appreciate for Diogenes.   (My emphases.) yet another motu proprio? Posted by: Diogenes – Today 4:28 PM ET USA Pope Benedict the XVI will soon release a … Continue reading

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Card. O’Malley: MP for “reconciliation”

On the blog of His Eminence Sean Card. O’Malley, we read an account of the meeting he attended in Rome concerning the Motu Proprio.  My emphases and comments. From Cleveland I flew to Rome at the request of Cardinal Tarcisio … Continue reading

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Il Giornale: all sacraments, not just Mass

The solid Andrea Tornielli has a meaty piece in Il Giornale about the Motu Proprio. Highlights: 1)  The MP will be released probably on 7 July.2)  There will probably be no press conference to present the document.3)  The Pope offers … Continue reading

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On the website of the one of the worst, one of the most liberal newspapers in the USA, the execrable Minneapolis Star-Tribune, there is an informal poll: Instant poll: Should the church allow wider use of the Latin Mass? Pope Benedict … Continue reading

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Sons of Salieri – the debasing of liturgical music

There is a very piece at The Paragraph Farmer (great name!) about liturgical music.  You have all heard rotten music in churches, music which makes even the Campbell Soup jingle or the theme from Gilligan’s Island sound like Mahler.  Then … Continue reading

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Two German presbyterates refuse “pro multis”

WDTPRS has soldiered for years on the side of truth and beauty in liturgical translation.  We played a not insignificant role in process whereby the accurate translation of "pro multis" in the consecration of the Precious Blood went up the … Continue reading


“…the Vespri’s mass at the St. Paolo’s Basilica…”

We are interested these days in accuracy of reporting on the details of the Motu Proprio. I offer for your consideration…. …the finely crafted caption for a photo from Reuters Pope Benedict XVI leads the Vespri’s mass at the St. … Continue reading

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WDTPRS looks at the “Tridentine” Mass in the VERNACULAR

In another entry on this blog there are questions and comments about having the "Tridentine" Mass in the vernacular.   Apparently radio commentator Paul Harvey inaccurately launched some rumor about this. "But Father!  But Father!", some of you are muttering.  "That … Continue reading

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The Motu Proprio considered ad intra & ad extra

Here is something I wrote for the paper: We won’t know the details of the Motu Proprio until it is promulgated, but we must consider several points.  When a major document comes from the pen of a Pope, I always … Continue reading

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Hilarious MP liberal press article template

This is too funny!   The Curt Jester offers a… well… you read it.  I tip my biretta!  o{]:¬) I have too say, he nailed this!  Not quite sure what "MSM" is exactly, but it must have something to do with … Continue reading

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A correction

Yesterday in a post about an ANSA story on the recent MP meeting I mentioned that ANSA made an error about the number of bishops present.  ANSA reported that some 15 bishops were present when I and others thought there … Continue reading

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ANSA with Cardinal Bertone on the MP

This is from ANSA on the MP.  They spoke with Card. Bertone.  Here is an excerpt (my translation): "Leaks in circulation during the autumn of last year about the first draft of the Motu Proprio hypothisized that a request by … Continue reading

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Out Of This World News!

You may think the news about the Motu Proprio is great, but this is out of this world. I think we can make some analogies with the derestriction of the older Mass, no? In any event, this is very cool … Continue reading

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A bit more information coming on the MP meeting

This is from  Highlights: 1) There were 13, not 30, cardinals/bishops present for the meeting.  Card. Pell and Card. Toppo were there and Bp. Basile Mvé Engone, S.D.B of Libreville in Gabon.2) Two representatives from Latin America didn’t come … Continue reading

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