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Latin American bishops accept Vatican news of the Motu Proprio

According to the Secretum meum mihi blog, the paper ABC Color of Asunción, the president of the bishops conference of Paraguay, H.E. Mons. Ignacio Gogorza stated that the bishops meeting at Aparecida in "unanimously accepted the idea of the Vatican" … Continue reading

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America Magazine: For “all” or “many”?

Our dear ultra-progressivist America magazine, run by Jesuits for the left, have an article on the pro multis controversy.  At least this is still a controversy to the author: on planets that spin in the normal direction this is a … Continue reading

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Sacramentum caritatis retranslated?

It is has been reported that the Pope’s Post-Synodal Exhoration Sacramentun caritatis has been retranslated, or at least reworked. I have not checked out this claim yet. As you remember, the official English text at the time of the document’s … Continue reading

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Good piece by John Allen on Pius XII

John L. Allen, Jr., the ubiquitous fair-minded former Rome correspondent for the lefty National Catholic Reporter in his weekly flash as a very good piece on, get this… why Pope Pius XII ought to be beatified immediately. A significant block … Continue reading

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Letter to Chinese Catholics

There is a note available about the upcoming letter to Chinese Catholics, to be issued in a matter of days.  The text will be published in booklet format.  Translation problems caused the delay, which is understandable given the great difficulty … Continue reading

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Somebody make me one of these!

This is… well… fantastic! Check out this story and gadget. In a nutshell, a fellow made a computer keyboard from portable manual typewriter. My wife suffers from repetive stress problems in her fingers and wrists. Sometime in October we were … Continue reading

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