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At the LA Cathedral, a gathering of “dogs of all faiths”

Gather Faithfully Together at the Yellow Armadillo, The Rog Mahal, yes, the L.A. Cathedral.  Biretta tip to my friend Diogenes. o{]:¬) When I was in S. California some years back a friend took me to see the Cathedral, but before … Continue reading

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Another amazing translation call in a Holy See document, or, “Who did this translation? babelfish?”

I am not making this up. The Holy See’s new document Guidelines for the pastoral care of the road from the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People and its president Renato Raffaele Cardinal Martino.  After … Continue reading

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Bp. Serratelli steps up

His Excellency Arthur J. Serratelli, Bishop of Patterson (NJ) since 2004 has begun a series of articles on the sense of the sacred.  I tip my biretta in his direction for this good initiative.  o{]:¬) Here is an excerpt from … Continue reading

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The Five Rules of Engagement in German

The Five Rules have been translated into the mother tongue of the Vaterland!  Biretta tip to Credo ut intellegam. Fünf Regeln für den richtigen Umgang mit dem erwarteten Motu Proprio 1. Freuen Sie sich, weil unser liturgisches Leben bereichert worden … Continue reading

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