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Fascinating development about the Motu Proprio, Bp. Galeone and D. of St. Augustine

I got a very interesting e-mail. Emphases and comments mine. Bishop Victor Galeone was on the WQOP Live Show today in the Diocese of St. Augustine, answering questions live from callers. I will record the encore show tomorrow (which will air … Continue reading

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Really bad movie alert: Yi Yi

This is a public service announcement. I watch lots of Chinese language movies. Last night I spent a week watching Yi Yi (A One And A Two).   Run for your lives.   Despite a good Rotten Tomatoes review, this is … Continue reading

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First reports of Merton College workshop for priests and older Mass

First reports about the recent workshop at Merton College, Oxford, are coming in.  Damian Thompson of The Telegraph has an initial impression… and it was a good one. My emphases and comments. A glorious Mass at Merton College Posted by … Continue reading

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Archbishop Nichols at conference on the older Mass

Do you remember that there was going to be a workshop in England for priests who want to learn the older form of Mass? Here is a report from The Telegraph about the participation of the Archbishop of Birmingham (not … Continue reading

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29 August: Beheading of St. John the Baptist… “decreased”… by the sword

Today is the feast of the Beheading of John the Baptist. I consider this (also) my name day, and in a way it is even more appropriate than the Nativity of John in June! Here is the Roman Martyrology entry … Continue reading

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Moscow Patriarch in favor of Motu Proprio and older Mass

At various times in my articles in The Wanderer, during talks and on this blog I have opined that if we are serious about an authentic ecumenical dialogue, we have to get our liturgical act together: "What must the Orthodox … Continue reading

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Calling for help from code savvy readers

Users of Firefox know about extensions.  I saw one today that got me thinking. There is an extension for Muslims called Pray Times.  It shows the time remaining to the different points of the day when Muslims are to pray. … Continue reading

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Augustine’s bones

Augustine died on 28 August 430. His friend and biographer Possidius describes his last days during the siege of Hippo by the Vandals. Sometime before the early 8th century, Augustine’s remains were translated from N. Africa to Sardinia for fear … Continue reading

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Sabine relics of St. Augustine and St. Monica

The Sabine Chapel has some very nice relics.  Here are St. Augustine and his mother St. Monica.

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A seminarian needs help from WDTPRSers for older Mass

I got a very nice note from a new seminarian at the North American College in Rome.  He had listened to the newest PODCAzT in which I have an audio bit of the wonderful exchange between Pope Benedict and the … Continue reading

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