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Cheektowaga Summorum Pontificum Hijinx

Someone alerted me to this note in a parish bulletin in (alas in truly inconvenient pdf format which it makes it a pain in the patience to rework – folks, don’t ever think of sending me pdfs or gifs or … Continue reading

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All Souls Day (older use) question: absolution of the dead

A question put to me, which I pass along to you WDTPRSers of the traditional use stripe.  Fr. Z, Do you know if it was customary after an Ancient Use sung Requiem Mass on All Souls Day to perform the … Continue reading

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Franciscan University at Steubenville and Summorum Pontificum – UPDATED CONTINUOUSLY

I got this by e-mail: A well-substantiated rumor has it that a petition for the implementation of Summorum Pontificum bearing 155 names of students and faculty has been denied by the plenary council of T.O.R friars on the grounds that … Continue reading

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Panorama: document from Ecclesia Dei soon

The slick Italian weekly Panorama has in its current issue an article by Ignacio Ingrao: "Mass in Latin: the secrete report". Well… as I said… it’s an Italian weekly.  The article is too long for me to translate for you … Continue reading

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Is Bp. Fellay saying the SSPX is “outside the Church”?

In a CNA story we read the following: My emphases and comments: Lefebrivists [sic] demand Council be “corrected,” not interpreted Rome, Oct 30, 2007 / 01:05 pm (CNA).- In an interview with Italian journalist Paolo Luigi Rodari, the author of … Continue reading

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Fr. Robert Dodaro on the importance of Patristic studies

UPDATE: The translation provided by Zenit was somewhat flawed.  Corrections have been made. Pay attention to this very good interview done by Zenit with the President of the Patristic Institute Augustinianum.  Be aware that is NOT a good English rendering … Continue reading

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31 October: This day in history

On this day in 1512, the Sistine Chapel was opened with its frescoes by Michaelangelo On this day in 1517, Martin Luther posted his 95 theses in Wittenberg On this day in 1538, Cesare Baronius was born. 

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Thanks go out to…

… the kind person, JAL who sent me Season 2.5 of Battlestar Galactica! When I got home from a brief few days away it was waiting on my doorstep, a nice b-day surprise present. It is deeply appreciated.  

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In another entry someone asked if maniples can be used also for Mass with the Novus Ordo. So… can they?   (The answer is yes, but… you can post some details.) Please stick to maniples for this discussion.  Thanks!   

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Washington Times: the older Mass for the younger congregation

The Washington Times has a positive article about Summorum Pontificum. My emphases and comments. Article published Oct 28, 2007Mass appeal to Latin tradition October 28, 2007 By Kristi Moore – Roman Catholic churches nationwide are rushing to accommodate a surge … Continue reading

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