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Thanks go out again

Many thanks go out to the kind person who sent me a copy of Return to Dragon Mountain by Jonathan Spence. Also, a few of you have used the donation button lately, for which I am grateful. I will sip … Continue reading

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EWTN and the older Mass revisited

Some time ago I posted an entry that EWTN plans to transmit celebrations of the older form of Mass, according to Summorum Pontificum, "occasionally". Now I am being told this will occur "periodically".  Here is a snip of what I … Continue reading

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A new look for WDTPRS coming

Folks, I am doing some work on the blog these days… or trying to.   I am among other things trying to get updated to a newer version of WordPress.  This will involve a theme change, perhaps, since my presently overly-hacked … Continue reading

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“Attitude adjustment” by Pope Benedict? – Catholic University of Milan: older Mass to be celebrated

Today there is a comment in Il Giornale by Andrea Tornielli, who is proving to be pretty reliable about matters concerning Pope Benedict XVI’s Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum. Here is his piece from 11 October, in my translation and with … Continue reading

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