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Please explain Facebook to me and others

Okay… not every one at once.
1) What is it in very general terms?
2) What is it used for?
3) How does it differ from other online tools?
4) Do you use it and for what?

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Irish Anglicans aim for union with Rome – UPDATED

I have always been interested in the plight, and victories, of Anglicans/Episcopalians who "swim the Tiber".  The late Msgr. Richard Schuler, of St. Agnes Church in St. Paul, MN, was instrumental in helping the first Anglican priests come over to … Continue reading

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1957 vs. 2007… or “You just want the fifties back!”

Thanks to Sacramentum vitae (the blog, not the Eucharist) I have this to share from Professor Tony Esolen at Mere Comments posts the following satire from a reader.
How many times have some of us heard from the spittle-flecked lips of … Continue reading

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In Arkansas, 3 day program on Summorum Pontificum

Here is some spectacular news from the Arkansas Catholic.
My emphases and comments.
Arkansas priests get overview on Latin Mass
Seminary professor leads three-day program on ‘motu proprio’
Published: October 27, 2007Malea Hargett
By Malea HargettEditor
Fifty-seven priests and two deacons attended clergy continuing education Oct. … Continue reading

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PRAYERCAzT 04: Feast of Christ the King – 1962 Missale Romanum

Welcome to another installment of What Does the Prayer Really Sound Like? 
In this audio project I will simply read, and this week sing, the Latin prayers for the upcoming Sunday or feast from the 1962 Missale Romanum.
Continue reading

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Diocese of Clifton: “liberal in the best sense of the word”

Damien Thompson of has a very interesting piece about how the older form of Mass is getting traction in the Diocese of Clifton, in England.  A good point is made: "By allowing the Pope’s wishes to be implemented naturally, … Continue reading

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What if…

I am bumping this back to the top.
I was just watching some news coverage of the fires burning in California.
A woman interviewed, said they were given 5 minutes warning before being evacuated.
She said: "I have no more … Continue reading

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A question for readers about old Breviary rubrics

Folks, I got this question by e-mail (one of the nearly 400 today alone).  I don’t have the energy to respond.
Help this guy out (if you know how).
I am an admirer and loyal reader of your blog. You provide a … Continue reading

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Chicago Workshop for Celebrants went “spectacularly well”

Good news over at Musica Sacra.
Success at the Celebrant WorkshopBy CMAA on October 23, 2007 at 1:58 pm
The celebrant workshop (Missa in Cantu) went spectacularly well. A total of forty priests and seminarians attended. They participated in daily sung liturgy … Continue reading

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Please pray for people and an Abbey threatened by the California fires

Fr. Stephanos, of Me Monk Me Meander says prayers are needed for their monastery, Prince of Peace Abbey, in Oceanside, CA, not far from where the California fires are burning wildly:
We are in San Diego County. We are safe for … Continue reading

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